Will “Cashier and Salesperson” be Replaced By Robots? 🤔

39% Chance of Automation

“Cashier and Salesperson” will probably not be replaced by robots.

This job is ranked #269 out of #702. A higher ranking (i.e., a lower number) means the job is less likely to be replaced.

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Job Description

In a gaming establishment, conduct financial transactions for patrons. May reconcile daily summaries of transactions to balance books. May accept patron's credit application and verify credit references to provide check-cashing authorization or to establish house credit accounts. May sell gambling chips, tokens, or tickets to patrons, or to other workers for resale to patrons. May convert gaming chips, tokens, or tickets to currency upon patron's request. May use a cash register or computer to record transaction.

Job Details

☝️ Information based on the reference occupation “Gaming Cage Workers”.

Also Known As…

Tasks for “Cashier and Salesperson”

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